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v1.7 29/04/2017

  • Added the Additional IPs to the IP dropdown when adding a new or queued abuse report - you can now select IPs from the additional IPs added to a product.
  • Fixed an issue where some html characters are not shown
  • Fixed an issue where long reports are not formatted correctly
  • Queued reports now show who the abuse is from (their email) and shows the subject - this allows you to easily spot spam coming in and deleting them easily
  • Code Clean Up

v1.6 12/04/2017

  • Made further improvements to the module to be compatible with WHMCS7, and PHP7.0.X
  • Improved the user experience/process
  • Deprecated the pipe email method, now mail is fetched using php_imap
  • Fixed an issue where if the menu link is disabled, the recaptcha is disabled too
  • Fixed an issue where some installs resulted in a fatal error when enabling lock down mode
  • Code Clean Up
  • If you are running WHMCS 7 and you have the main WHMCS cron running every 5 minutes, you do not need the 2nd Abuse Manager Pro cron line any more

v1.5 01/11/2016

  • Made the module compatible with WHMCS7, and PHP7
  • Improved the user experience/process
  • Added an admin notes section where admins can add/update hidden notes that are in regards to the abuse report in question
  • Improved how the module displays possible details of client (admin side, queued reports)
  • Added time/date format, now can be changed to different locales
  • Added an option to enable or disable the menu link for the module (client side)
  • If a client unsuspends his service, the unsuspend button is now disabled and the client is told that he has already unsuspended his service
  • If a client unsuspends his service, it is shown in the abuse report for the admin to refer to
  • Fixed an issue with pipe.php - local delivery failure
  • Added multiple language (multilang) support for the module
  • Changed wording of sentences, to further help the customer
  • Code Clean Up
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