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MyRSK's PVS Changelog

This page lists the changelog and updates for the WHMCS Module: MyRSK's Phone Verification System.


Date: 11-03-2015

  • Added Nexmo as an additional API provider
  • Added Verification Strategies
  • Added Verification Methods
  • Automatically add company name, from WHMCS, to SMS sent out by Nexmo
  • Removed the need of manually entering a local WHMCS Admin username
  • Removed the requirement of setting up a local licensekey TXT file
  • Streamlined the installation and configuration steps for the module
  • Module will automatically update if detects older version (requires upload of new myrskpvs.php module file)


Date: 01-03-2015

  • Added Phone Call Verification Method
  • Cleaned up code
  • Fixed a bug with a small client base


Date: 20-02-2015

  • Admin Side
    • View current unverified accounts
    • View current verified accounts
    • Search for accounts in the system
    • Verify accounts manually from admin panel
    • Unverify accounts manually from admin panel
    • Reset amount of verification attempts
    • Customize the SMS greeting/beginning message
    • Customize the SMS thankyou/ending message
  • Client Side
    • Simple self service verification process
    • Two verification attempts per customer
    • Ability to self place the verification code
    • Proper error messages that guide and not mislead
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