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MyRSK's Phone Verification System (WHMCS Module)

MyRSK's Phone Verification System (PVS) is a WHMCS addon that helps eliminate fraud and makes sure accounts created are legit as each phone number is verified to make sure it is real.

The system allows you to use three different API providers, Nexmo, Clickatell and Twilio. Alternatively, you can integrate any other SMS API provider using our new Custom Dev Kit (read below). With the option of setting your verification API, and strategy. This is explained in detail below.

Clients who are in your WHMCS database before you enable the module, will not be effected and will not require to be verified. This module will only verify new clients.

Proud to say that this module doesn't alter a single template file.

Quick Setup Guide

Follow the document here in order to quickly get your phone verification system running.

Detailed Setup Guide


To be able to make use of the phone verification system, you have to make sure that the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • Ioncube
  • Non strict firewall (to perform license checks)
  • Latest version of WHMCS
  • A MyRSK License Key to run the script
  • If using Twilio: A Twilio account, with credit, and an outgoing phone number.
  • If using Nexmo: A Nexmo account, with credit.
  • If using Clickatell: A Clickatell account, with credit.
  • If using MaxMind's MinFraud: A MinFraud account, with credit.
  • FTP client to assist with file upload

Verification API Comparison

Nexmo Twilio Clickatell
Benefits Smart system, which only charges you a flat fee per verified number & automatically knows if it should send an SMS or perform a Phone Call. No need to rent a dedicated outgoing number. Cheaper rates, ability to customise the beginning and end of the SMS verification message, and soon will allow you to customise the verification phone call with Twimlets. Cheap rates, ability to customise the beginning and end of the SMS verification message.
Drawbacks Not a lot of customisation options for verification method. Requires you to rent a dedicated outgoing number which costs $1 additional per month, might also require manual request of additional countries to be unlocked for the account to be able to perform outgoing phone verification for countries not supported by default. Some countries require additional support/product from Clickatell.
Verification Methods Automatically chooses either SMS or Phone Call verification depending on number provided. Manually allows you to choose either to perform verifications by SMS or Phone Calls. Performs SMS verifications only.
Minimum Costs €0.1 per successful verification $1/month recurring for outgoing number, as well cost per call or SMS, refer here. Pre purchase account credits, an SMS could cost you at a minimum 0.80 credits, refer here.

Verification Strategy

You will be able to choose between three different verification strategies. The newest verification strategy 'minFraud' has been released, which allows you to only verify accounts if they are deemed as fraud by MaxMind - you choose the risk score. More details on risk score, here.

PreCheckout (Preferred) The client has to verify his account before his order is actually inserted into the database.
OnPageChange (Strict) The client has to verify his account upon accessing any of the client area pages of WHMCS.
minFraud(Preferred) The client has to verify his account if the risk score returned by MaxMind is greater than what is set by you, before his order is actually inserted into the database.

Upgrade Guide

If you are upgrading from an older version of the script, after you upload the new files, you have to visit the Admin side of the MyRSK's PVS Module (Usually at for the upgrade system to update any needed settings/etc.


A Changelog will be posted on the page linked here, upon any updates.

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