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Influencers offer an effective marketing strategy to boost audience engagement. You will be tapping into the existing audience of credible influencers relevant to your niche. Influencer marketing has proven its worth, and many companies are adopting the trend right now.

At Layer, we research and find the perfect influencers for your campaign. We selectively pick those that can connect with and engage your target audience emotionally and psychologically.

Influencers Are Trusted

Influencers are trusted by their followers.

Reach Relevant Audience

Expose your business to an existing relevant audience and tap into and leverage that audience for your business growth.

Brand Awareness

Gain brand awareness with influencer marketing by connecting with social media influencers that have engagement potential.

Relevant Influencer

Finding the perfect influencer is one of the biggest challenges businesses face, but we at Layer make it absolutely easy!

Competitive Rates

Let us manage influencer negotiations, and be sure that you will be getting the best rate around town. Easy and affordable.

Boost Sales

Let's work on increasing sales! Influencers have the potential to market your products and services with their audience.

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Our All-In-One plans include creative content, engagement, and much more on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google My Business!

Influencer Services

If you are still not convinced with our all-in-one plans, which come with a lot of great features included, we can still offer customized services and solutions based on your requirements.


Get a customized offer based on your requirements!

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How do I get started?

It is very simple to get started! A social media expert will schedule some time with you to understand your business requirements, and provide you with a full proposal.

Why should I use influencer marketing?

Influencers are trusted by their viewers, and can help you reach a relevant audience.

Will you help me pick a relevant influencer?

Definitely! Our social media expert will help in recommending a relevant social media influencer.

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