Terms of Service

Changes to this TOS document can and may be changed, it is the client’s responsibility to know the Terms that they are obliged to upon ordering any product from Layer. Therefore, by ordering any product from Layer – you are automatically accepting this document. The customer will receive any updates to this TOS document.

1. Registration, Billing, Provisioning, Suspension & Termination

1.1 The client agrees to provide Layer with correct, and up to date contact information during registration, and to update their profile in case any of these details are changed.

1.2 The client agrees to only create a single account on the Layer’s billing panel, and keep the account secure and not share credentials with others.

1.3 Upon ordering any of Layer’s services, client has twenty-four hours (24) to pay the generated invoice. Upon payment of the generated invoice in full, the service will be automatically provisioned, and the welcome email will be sent to the client. In case of no available stock at the time, orders are usually delivered within 1-72 hours.

1.4 Invoices for services billed are generated 10 days before the due date. The client is responsible to renew his service, if he wishes to continue, every month by paying the automatically generated invoice.

1.5 Failure to pay the invoice on time will lead to service suspension 1 day after the due date, and the invoice will be charged a late fee of $5.00.

1.6 If the client still fails to pay the invoice 7 days after the due date, Layer has the right to terminate the service and cancel any invoices previously generated. No backups are kept for suspended/terminated services.

2. Cancellations, Refunds & Chargebacks

2.1 If a client requires to cancel his service(s), this is to be done either through our billing/client area’s “request cancellation” link.

2.2 Refunds are only processed if a client mistakenly pays an invoice twice, or requests a refund within the first 5 days of service (through our 5 days money back guarantee scheme). (All times are GMT+4, Dubai Local Time).

2.3 Addons & Control Panel license payments are non-refundable.

2.4 Violation of the Terms of Service will waive the refund policy.

2.5 In case of any chargebacks initiated by the client, all services under the account will be suspended, and/or terminated at the discretion of our management team. 

3. SLA

3.1 Layer provides 99% uptime SLA in any given month in any of our locations.

3.2 Clients can request account credit in case of any downtime suffered in any given month. To request the credit, you are required to open a ticket and show proof of downtime. Requesting of credit has to be done within a maximum of a week’s period of time, anything greater than a week will not be eligible for account credit.

3.3 DDoS, Scheduled Maintenance, and Urgent Maintenance are not covered under our uptime SLA, due to their nature.

4. Backups

4.1 Layer generally does not backup any client related content or data.

4.2 Some of our service offerings include free backup slots, which are clearly marked on the product description page. These backups could be stored on the same machine. Layer can not be held liable for any data loss.

4.3 The client should perform regular backups of their important data and content and store it locally on their computer or at an other 3rd party provider as a precaution measure.

5. Acceptable Usage & Suspensions

5.1 The following is not permitted on the Layer Network (including, but not limited to):

 Resource Abuse
 Spam / Email Marketing
Port Scanning
Torrents (copyrighted material)
Adult content of any kind
IRC bots/servers
Public proxies/VPNs
Nulled Scripts
Intensive Game Servers
Virtual Coing Mining
Video Converting/Encoding
Resource Intensive Scripts
TOR Relay/Exits

5.2 Any clients found to be performing activities from the list above in section 5.1 will get all of their services suspended, not just the offending one.

5.3 Layer has the right to charge a reactivation fee which could range from $10 up to $50 depending on the severity of the issue.

5.4 At the sole discretion of the Layer staff who is handling the situation, services could ultimately be suspended and/or terminated.

5.5 Upon any abuse, Layer will create an abuse report, accessible in Layer’s Resolution Center (in the billing platform). All the relevant details will be visible in the abuse report, and the client will be required to acknowledge and respond back to Layer on how they plan to rectify the issue. Once the issue is resolved, the abuse report will be closed. Depending on the severity of the issue, the abusive service might be suspended until the abuse report is closed.

5.6 Intentional abuse by the client will result in immediate termination of all services.

6. Support

6.1 All clients are entitled to the same fair and professional support.

6.2 Managed clients are entitled to our managed hybrid support if the client is using a supported Operating System and Control Panel.

6.3 Unmanaged clients are entitled to support within the scope of the hardware, and network the service is hosted on, third-party scripts support is not offered.

6.4 The Layer staff team will reply to any incoming tickets with courtesy, respect, and honest replies.

6.5 Support is provided in a “First In First Out” approach.

6.6 The client can request escalation of the ticket to management if feeling unsatisfied.

6.7 It is requested that the client speaks to the Layer staff team with respect and in English only through any medium that support is given over.

7. Disclaimer

7.1 Layer can NOT be held liable for any downtime (unless otherwise stated), node crashes, and/or the loss of data.

7.2 Layer can NOT be held liable for any profit that could have been generated by websites running on the Layer infrastructure, due to both planned or unplanned downtime.


Clients are obliged to this Terms of Service document.

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