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Does your business engage with your followers? Do you get enough likes, comments and shares on your posts? You need our social media services ASAP.

Social media management is the art of ideating, creating, scheduling, publishing, promoting, and managing your content and online presence across social media platforms.

Social media engagement, however, is a measure of how you can pull interactions and relationship with your audience. It is important that you make sure your brand captures enough attention.

Our seasoned social media team of experts can ensure that you are getting the attention you deserve. We make sure that you get the right content to the right people, in the right way.

Creative Content

Bad content is unforgiving! The kind of content you put out there determines the reception. When it comes to social media, your content must be witty and catchy enough to make people stop scrolling. The more creative, catchy, and witty your content, the higher the engagement it pulls.

Monthly Calendar

Our experts build a calendar to organize and schedule your monthly content. A content calendar helps to stay on track and ensure that we consistently produce worthy content for your social media. We design a monthly calendar showing post schedule for your approval.

Social Strategy

A Social Strategy is a plan showing your goals, objective, target audience, and what we hope to achieve together. At Layer, we help you create a detailed strategy while considering your target audience and how we can effectively convey your business message to them.

Analytics & Reporting

Keep track of your metrics! Our report gives you a clear knowledge of metrics and analytics of your socials. You see how your audience interacts with your business. You also get to know the impression and engagement breakdown of each post.

Community Engagement

We help you build a community of loyal customers by interacting and engaging your audience. Interacting, answering questions, handling requests may be tedious for you. Let us handle it!

Best Time To Post™

Content overload is a significant challenge for businesses. Knowing when to post is vital when you are looking to rise above the noise. Therefore, posting on social has to be done strategically. Let us worry about your posting time while you focus on work.


An easy way to direct traffic from a post to a specific website. A single link on your bio is all that's needed. Updating your bio for every new post is a thing from the past.

User Generated Content

Keeping up with your customers to get hands on reviews, pictures, videos of them using your product or service. We put this content up to boost your credibility.


Hashtags can get you seen faster than you think. We have an in-depth knowledge of how to use hashtags to promote your business and establish you in your niche. Let us do the #hashtaging for you.

Why Not Save By Looking At Our Plans?

Our All-In-One plans include creative content, engagement, and much more on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google My Business!

Social Media Management Services

If you are still not convinced with our all-in-one plans, which come with a lot of great features included, we can still offer customized services and solutions based on your requirements.


Get a customized offer based on your requirements!

From AED 1,200/mo

Have a look at some of our addons

Arabic Translation

All your social media creative content will be translated in to Arabic!

Google My Business

Google My Business & Google Maps setup, maintenance, offers setup and engagement!

Instagram Stories, Carousel, and Direct

Make your profile standout with Stories & Carousel Posts on Instagram!

Social Engagement

We will reply back to comments and follow potential customers!

Social Support

Why not give your customers support on Social Media when they need help? We will handle it all!

Post Boost

Got an event? Let our team handle a Post Boost that gets you results!


What is Social Media Management?

It is the art of ideating, creating, scheduling, publishing, promoting, and managing your content and online presence across social media platforms.

I want everything managed for me. Do you have all-in-one plans?

Yes, we do have all-in-one plans, please have a look at our plans by clicking here.

What is included in the creative content?

The creative content included in our plans consists of custom designed posts, stories, and highlights that match your brand’s style and design guidelines.

What is included in the analytics & reporting?

Our analytics and reports show progress! Get to see how your posts, stories and other content is performing on social media platforms. We even provide data on your audience and hashtag performance!

How does social media engagement work?

Social media engagement allows us to reply back to your customer’s comments on social media as well as follow potential customers to expand your client base.

What social media platforms are supported?

Currently, we support Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for our social media management plans.

How do addons work?

Very simple! Pick the addons that make sense for your brand, or get your dedicated account manager to recommend some. The selected addons will be added to your plan.

Do I need to provide the media (photos and video)?

It is recommended that you provide us the photos and videos relating to your brand or product. However, if you do not have any, that is still okay.

Are Direct Messages supported?

Yes, we do support direct messages on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Simply add the Direct Messages addon to your plan!

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